DIY Macramé Hanging Planter Kits

I haven't hosted a macrame class yet where my students didn't ask where they could find everything they need to make their own macrame hanging planters.

They wanted to know where to stock up on the quality macrame supplies we use in the workshops: yard after yard of beautiful cotton macrame cord, polished real-wood beads in a rainbow of colors that work for macrame projects, and quality wooden hangers with the organic look that has become the signature of the House Sparrow Fine Nesting line of macrame hanging planters.

Since most craft-supplies stores still aren't hip to the resurgence of macrame—and those that are don't seem to understand that we're all ready for clean, modern materials (this ain't your momma's macrame, amiright?)—it's easy to waste an afternoon trolling aisles or skimming the stores online and still walk away empty handed. 

Not to mention the struggle that is finding a quality tutorial. Students told me they wanted tons of photos, step-by-step instructions, and to go without the constant barrage of pop-up ads and slideshows that so malign the well-intentioned Pinterest user. 

Plus, so many of us agree that it's nice to have a tangible object in our hands as we try to learn something new—especially if what we're learning involves touch and texture. 

What my students needed was a DIY kit, ready to go right out of the box. A one-stop macrame hanging planter shop, as it were. 

macramé hanging planter kit tutorial

So I created the HSFN Macrame Hanging Planter Kit.

Here's what I put inside:

  • more than 25 yards of high-quality cotton macrame cord—more than enough for a basic hanger to fit your small and medium-sized indoor plants, and the same cord I choose for my own macrame crafting
  • real-wood beads available in four colors: chocolate brown, camel brown, blonde, and natural—again, the same ones I choose for my own projects 
  • a real-wood hanger to make sure your planter is ready for a long life in your favorite window or corner
  • a 24-page booklet with step-by-step instructions and tons of photos (and maybe a few silly jokes because why knot?) (see what I did there?) to bring to life the macrame patterns and knots you need to make all the hanging planters your little knotty heart desires.
how to macrame kit with supplies.JPG

Soon after the debut of the kits earlier this year, I began to meet crafters who lived too far away to make one of my workshops, or who just preferred to study macrame in the comfort of their homes, and they were in love. They began to ask for kits for their friends and family. They gave the kits as gifts for the special occasions in their loved ones' lives—housewarmings, Mother's Day, birthdays, graduations, just-thinking-about-yous. 

hanging planter how to kit.JPG

They sent me beautiful photos of their finished macrame plant hangers they made with the supplies and tutorial booklets I sourced and packed just for them. 

how to macrame instructions kit.jpg

Want to know what's amazing? Even when you give students the same box containing the same supplies and the same instructions, each learner puts his or her spin or personal touch into the handcrafted object. It's beautiful. There is lots to love about these kits, but this is my favorite thing, I think. 

tulsa macrame workshops classes.jpg

The HSFN Macrame Kit is now offered in a handful of boutiques, including Retro Den in Tulsa. I'm proud to say that it also caught the attention of west elm and that the kits are now available as part of the store's LOCAL program in Oklahoma.

And of course, the kits are always available online, complete with Priority shipping (from me to you in 3-4 total days), in the House Sparrow Fine Nesting Etsy shop.

basic macrame hanging planter instructions tutorial pattern.jpg