What's New In The Shop: Spring 2016

A few of the things I've been working on at the House Sparrow Fine Nesting shop this spring: 

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 1.38.58 PM.png

1. Macrame Hanging Planter Tutorial and Supply Kits

We may know it best from its home-decor heyday in the 70s, but macrame is a craft that traces its roots to ancient times. This means that over the centuries (yes, centuries), countless hands have learned to work a few basic knots to make beautiful and utilitarian objects for their favorite spaces. What an incredible tradition to be part of, right?

This new kit, which I developed this spring, paves the way. Inside are contemporary supplies to make a macrame hanging planter that looks clean and modern, with that vintage flair every macrame piece needs. Included is an instruction booklet by yours truly. Each step is carefully described and diagramed. The result is a one-of-a-kind, handmade, functional piece for your home that connects right now to way (way) back then. Plus, your #plantfriends will be most delighted. 

The HSFN pop-up shop at the 2016 Sand Springs Herbal Affair

The HSFN pop-up shop at the 2016 Sand Springs Herbal Affair

I'm excited to offer these DIY macrame hanging planter kits in the House Sparrow Fine Nesting shop for either the macrame curious or for anyone gift shopping (Mothers Day is May 8, remember). Also on Etsy is an e-book tutorial version of the macrame hanging planter instruction booklet that includes a supplies list, offered with you real do-it-yourselfers in mind. Tulsans, these kits are also at the one and only Retro Den, 1216 S. Harvard. 

2. Gathering in the KItchen

I couldn't hope to be successful or fulfilled in my work at HSFN without my friendships with fellow makers. From time to time, these friendships bloom into partnerships and beautiful objects result. The hand-hewn cutting and serving board above, created by my longtime friends and neighbors Aubrey and Amanda Emerson, shows just how. This cutting and serving board, ideal for spring entertaining, is now available in the HSFN shop. 

Also in the shop: These coffee mug cozies, crocheted by hand in Arkansas by my mother-in-law, Kitty Ball. Each features natural-toned yarns, and the buttons just scream Old Hollywood to me. I don't know about you, but I like a bit of glitz and intrigue with my morning brew. Coffee mug cozies now in the HSFN shop

At the next Prairie House event, the first-ever meeting of the Sketch Book Club, find aprons by TIny House Creative hand-carved spoons and spreaders by Nick Conner

3. New Weaving and Macrame

This large modern macrame wall hanging was handcrafted from soft jersey fabric to create a piece for your space that is at once both relaxed and elegant—kind of like your best friend. Jersey macrame on copper, at Retro Den in Tulsa and in the HSFN shop

A luxurious gift for someone special indeed or a worthy splurge for yourself. Cotton and ombre wool weaving on copper, at Retro Den in Tulsa and in the HSFN shop

Adorned with driftwood and copper, she is a statement piece to be sure, but laid-back enough for happy styling alongside most other laid-back and happy things. Macrame on driftwood, at Retro Den in Tulsa and in the HSFN shop 

This macrame bunting thinks your party will be great, just great—but wouldn't it be even better with some macrame bunting? Macrame bunting at Retro Den in Tulsa and in the HSFN shop

I'm already hard at work on the summer shop update (hint: I'm feeling blue). I hope you'll stay tuned.