Fine Nesting Finds: My Favorite Makers

I love to make things with my hands, but what has always captured my imagination about the handmade movement is the community. As makers, our work loses its value and impact if it isn't shared. It's impossible to grow without the recognition, support, and encouragement of our peers. We're better when we're together. 

With that in mind, I'd like to share with you about a few of my favorite makers. And hey, I'll be doing this on a regular (if not scheduled) basis. Enthralled with someone's work? Intrigued by a maker's inventive approach? Please know that you are part of the conversation here and that you are always welcome to send leads my way.

1. Sara Cowan of DeluxeOK

Prairie House studiomate @audreyeclectic was modeling her beautiful new linen pinafore by the sweet and talented Sara Cowan of @deluxeok last week. The linen is this soft, endless-weekend color of blue. You’d better believe my Mother's Day wish list grew by a couple of yards. Sara, who headquarters down the Route from we at Prairie House in Oklahoma City, has a shop full of linen clothing and home goods made to last—check her out on Etsy.

2. Rebecca Desnos, Natural Dyer

Take a minute and set your foot on the soft, glowing path that is @rebeccadesnos's Instagram feed. It's delightful to me that a dyer in the UK can produce a set of swatches that looks just like my neighborhood here in Oklahoma on this drizzly day. Thanks for the fresh air, Rebecca. I’ve been back to the dye pot myself lately, and your work is beautiful and inspiring to me. Also, I can’t wait to get this in the mail—a little present for myself, from me.

3. Suzanne Burden, Mudhouse Studio

Sometimes I'm at home and I catch myself thinking, my, a pot/tumbler by @mudhousestudio would sure look good in that spot. That's how you know. Ever since this bright, playful line of handmade ceramics made its way into Retro Den (only the best vintage home store in Tulsa, Oklahoma), I think the whole town has been smitten. My collection, it grows.

4. Whitney Wade and Ruby Murry, Laurel & Marie

House Sparrow Fine Nesting celebrates one year this month. Looking back, hiring custom stationery, hand lettering, and calligraphy duo Laurel & Marie to create the HSFN logo was easily one of the best decisions I made during those early days. I continue to be inspired by the body of work featured in the L&M Instagram feed—no two pieces are the same, but the quality and craftsmanship always lets you know hey, that's L&M. 

Find the ever-growing list of makers I love on Instagram with the hashtag #finenestingfinds. More featured here soon.