Modern Chunky Granny Square Blanket Kit Craft-Along: The March House Sparrow Craft-Along is HERE!

What's the first thing that comes to mind when someone says crochet?

crochet doll toilet paper cozie.jpg

Oh, yeah. That's the stuff. 

And definitely not creepy at all. 

My great-granny had a crochet doll toilet paper cozie (?!) almost just like this, except it was orange and brown. 

Orange. And. Brown.

crochet mens shorts.jpg

Oh. Oh, my.

screaming guy.gif

If the words "crochet" and "belt loops" ever get too close together, you know there is bound to be trouble. 

crochet doilies.jpg

OK, OK. It's true, crochet can be gorgeous. These hand-crocheted doilies are solid proof. 

But...maybe doilies aren't your thing. 

crochet granny square chunky blanket.jpg

Maybe this is your thing. 

Yes, those are Granny Squares. But this ain't your granny's crochet.

  • Did your granny have big, squishy wool yarn in a palette of inspiring colors? No, I don't mean the jumbo Super Saver yarn that squeaks when you stitch with it (yes, that was the first skein of yarn anyone ever bought me—and strangely, I still loved yarn anyway).

  • How about a soft, wooden crochet hook? So much better than the chilly, garishly teal aluminum one my granny used back in the day.

  • Did she have a teacher who gave her a cute duffel bag and private Facebook group and sent her videos every week to teach her how to crochet while making something beautiful for her home at the same time? And could she watch them at midnight while drinking wine and eating potato chips?

SMH. Let's show granny how it's done, shall we? 

I mean, in a nice way. Because my granny may have more cats than she has TV channels (grannies have a LOT of TV channels these days, y'all), but I still love and have mad respect for that crazy little five-foot-tall woman.

crochet chunky granny square blanket.jpg

For the March House Sparrow Fine Nesting Craft-Along, we are going to make an entire herd of super-sized crochet Granny Squares, and then we are going to crochet them together into a big, fat, snuggly, just-perfect-for-Spring blanket. 

If you were in one of my Knit-Along workshops, then you know just how much fun this is going to be. 

The Crochet-Along will feature: 

  • all the chunky, luxury wool yarn you will need to complete the blanket, in your choice of two color schemes: multi or neutral

  • a giant wooden crochet hook, which will feel like a dream in your hands

  • a weekly guided crochet lesson, complete with videos I created especially for you to show the basic crochet skills we will explore

  • a canvas, backpack-style duffel bag to make your project transportable

  • free crochet clinics at the Tulsa House Sparrow showroom, if you're local-to-me

  • free Facebook group with tips, tricks, laughs, and camaraderie

  • LOTS of support as you progress—I won’t leave you hanging!

The Crochet-Along will last 8 weeks, with just a Netflix-sitting's worth of work set for each week, with a new technique, pattern reveal, and/or how-to video delivered to your inbox each week.

Can't stitch one week? No biggie! Signing up gives you lifetime access to the instructions, videos, and support, allowing you to work at your own pace.

Week 1 starts Saturday, March 2—the perfect time for an exciting, spring-y craft project that snuggles you while you work.

And get this: 

Sign-ups are NOW OPEN!

crochet chunky granny square blanket.jpg

Wait. You probably have questions. 

I definitely have answers. 

Q: I have never held a crochet hook in my life. Would I know one if it jumped up and bit me? Could you teach me to use one? 

A: A crochet hook won't bite you! I won't let it. What you will love about this project as a beginning crocheter is how it teaches you the craft of crochet while you create a beautiful, lasting heirloom for you and your loved ones to enjoy in your home. You will get lots of videos from me showing step-by-step what you need to do to be successful as a beginner tackling this project. 

Q. Ew, what even is crochet? Is it like knitting? OMG, is it harder than knitting?? Easier???
Woah, cowgirl! First of all, crochet is this: It's fabric created from interlocking loops. Sounds like knitting, right? Except, crochet—which, in French, translates to something like, "little hook"—uses a hook rather than a pair of needles. Crochet is very modern in comparison to knitting, since happy hookers (lol) weren't a thing until the 18th century. In knitting, you're playing with lots of live stitches at once. In crochet, you're playing with just one. This makes crochet approachable, maybe a little less scary, and wonderfully foolproof. Still, I won't say that crochet is easier than knitting. I will say that it's fun. And that I can't stop doing it. 

Q: Is there anything else to buy to join the Crochet-Along? Please don't make me go to the craft store. The dim lighting and dusty shelves don't do me (or my sinuses) any favors. 

A: Nothing else to buy! I do all the shopping for you. And using the relationships I have forged with my suppliers, I am actually saving us quite the chunk of change over the retail value of our supplies. 

Q. Do I get to pick my colors? 

A: YES! You can let me know if you want the multi-color scheme you see in the images (which is inspired by traditional Granny Square blankets—they utilize lots of color), or you can go with neutrals, which comes with black, taupe, and oatmeal-colored yarn instead of the rainbow pack. 

Q: But I don't live in Tulsa! Can I still Crochet-Along? 

A: YES! I have shipped to Craft-Along friends all over the country. Our private Facebook will help us come together all in one place to share tips, tricks, foibles, victories, hilarious crochet memes, and very important news updates, such as what is playing on Netflix this month. 

Q: Can I pay a little now to save my spot in the Crochet-Along, then pay the rest when I get my supplies? 
A: YES! I created a plan where you can save your spot in the workshop for $88. You won't owe me anything else until you pick up your Crochet-Along goodies, or receive them in the mail. 

Q: Did you know that, like finger prints, everyone's tongue print is different? 
A: No, I did not. Thank you for this important announcement.  

SIGN-UPS ARE NOW LIVE! And as usual, The Perch subscribers get first dibs

I'm keeping this class small so I can hang out with each of you as you need me, so while I have sign-ups scheduled to last a couple of weeks, space is still limited and once spots are gone, they're gone. 

So, don't wait.

big chunky crochet granny square blanket kit.jpg