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As you might know if you follow my Instagram feed at @housesparrownesting, I am building a collection of vintage craft patterns and tutorials.

My favorite ones to collect are the macrame magazines that were popular in the 1970s and 1980s. They are often hilariously out of date and, sometimes, downright cringe-worthy. But, I love them so. I learn something new from each one. These patterns—and especially the photography that accompany them—are oddly satisfying, and they encourage me to be my wild, tacky self.

Like so:  

vintage macrame patterns.jpg

Available from FolkFortune on Etsy.

Things don't really get crazy here, at least not until the red fringe. But I love the use of scratchy synthetic macrame cord and the stiff knotwork, especially on our Harvest Gold friend on the left. 

vintage macrame tutorial.jpg

Available from eBookCafe on Etsy.

OK, now things are gonna get weird. 

If I don't see a moss-green macrame hanging plant shelf in your garden at your house, I will leave.

vintage macrame hanging planters.jpg

Available from yinandyarn on Etsy.

If, however, you have this jute-and-driftwood finery hanging in your cactus garden, I will present you with a homemade Jello mold. 

old macrame.jpg
vintage macrame wall hanging.jpg

Available from OnceUponAnHeirloom on Etsy.

If you can't knot these macrame showboats, then it's time to take stock of your skill set. 

Keep only those skills which spark joy. And cause you to buy hundreds and hundreds of yards of technicolored polypropylene trash rope. 

vintage macrame hangers.jpg

Available from HookedonBlessing on Etsy.

What's not to love about a macrame hanging shelf that also cradles one of your precious plant friends? 

And who could argue with a plant hanger that doubles as a bird cage? 

vintage macrame terrarium.jpg

Available from HookedonBlessing on Etsy.

While the two-toned wonder on the right is nothing to ignore, the aqua object on the left is a true jaw-dropper. A fine argument in the case of how form should follow function, if one ever existed. 

Set your gaze onto this image. Then, imagine the room in your home where you keep all your terrariums. Now, allow your mind to wander. Send me a postcard to let me know where you end up. 

macrame workshops tulsa.jpg

As delightful as it feels to time travel back to the heyday of these macrame magazines, not every lifestyle can support a jute planter multiplex. 

When this happens, we take what inspiration we can from our itchy, synthetic, gravity-defying friends, and we build something together that is both beautiful and functional.


I offer several macrame workshops in and around Tulsa and Oklahoma, including one in which we make a simple, beautiful, all-natural macrame hanging planter. 

macrame workshops girls night out tulsa.jpg

And oh, do we have fun. All of the fun. There are no fun leftovers. Because leftovers are despicable. 

Also, we have wine. 

modern macrame hanging planter tutorial.jpg

Ahhh. Let there be light.

I pack my macrame DIY kits with natural materials—100-percent cotton cord, natural-wood beads, tenderly wrapped in 100-percent cotton and/or upcycled vintage fabric. You get your own macrame magazine, too! Except there aren't very many hilariously ghastly macrame photos in the one I wrote for you. Sorry about that. (But there is one. One really good one.) 

I ship the kits within 3 days of your order, and I'm a big fan of 2-day shipping. It pains me to imagine you itching to macrame. So, I ship quick. 

macrame diy kit tutorial.jpg

And you get to pick your bead color! Fun. 

If you don't want the entire kit, you can just download the macrame DIY digital tutorial

macrame digital tutorial.jpg

The word on the street is that the tutorial is "fun" and "funny" and "easy to follow." All nice words. 

If you're not quite ready to macra-make an entire planter, I at least want to introduce you to the wild and wacky world of macrame with a tutorial on the basic knots.

how to make a square knot.jpg

Get started on the basic macrame knots tutorials here on my blog.

Before you know it, you'll be just as knotty as I. And I can't wait for that day.