How to style your textiles collection

A common refrain I hear from my customers goes something like, "I am in love with this textiles piece. But, what would I do with it?" If there is one rule I have in this life, it is, don't turn your back on love. Here are some of my favorite ideas for how to style textiles in your favorite spaces.  

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1. Add Textiles To Your Gallery Wall. Perhaps the simplest solution to living with textiles. Textiles add texture, color, and a certain handmade, boho charm to your gallery wall. Choose pieces that make a statement on their own, but that play nicely with others, too. 

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2. Put your textiles to work. Love that giant macrame hanging but have no idea where to put it? Take a moment to consider: Could it work as a headboard? A room divider? That one piece that can take care of that awkward space above your couch? Textiles are pretty, but they also like to work. Let them! 

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3. Mix and match. I challenge you to find a warmer, more welcoming interior design technique than the mixing and matching of textiles. The only rule: the more, the better. Especially when you use natural fibers and earthy colors. And don't forget that you have a closet full of beautiful, wearable textiles, each piece of which can be used to freshen up a tired space. 

chunky knit blanket sweater blanket

4. Textiles are for everyday use. Just like Alice Walker wrote. Yes, our textiles are precious to us, but they are difficult to enjoy if we never let ourselves touch them, wrap up in them, or just let them lie across the couch so we can gaze on their patterns and textures. See rule No. 3 and set your textiles free! 

outdoor textiles

5. Don't limit yourself to the indoors. Textiles like to go outside and play, too. Textile pieces like this macrame plant hanger wall work wonderfully to solve large, blank walls on porches, patios, and balconies. They serve double-duty as beautiful backdrops for your outdoor dinner parties, too. 

Here are some more thoughts: 

style your textiles
chunky knit sweater blanket with pom poms
Houw Sparrow Fine Nesting Sweater Blanket
how to style a quilt
macrame tablerunner tablescape
outdoor macrame wall hanging
modern macrame owl
macrame bunting large chunky

Do you have a favorite way to style textiles (also known as, a favorite excuse to keep collecting more and more textiles...right?)? Leave a comment and clue us in!