Fine Nesting Finds: My Favorite Makers, Nursery Edition: Petit Giggles, James Rogers King Stained Glass, and Samantha Smith Cross Stitch

I love to make things with my hands, but what has always captured my imagination about the handmade movement is the community. As makers, our work loses its value and impact if it isn't shared. It's impossible to grow without the recognition, support, and encouragement of our peers. We're better when we're together. 

With that in mind, I'd like to share with you about a few of my favorite makers. Lately, when I'm not making or hosting weaving and macrame workshops in Tulsa and OKC, I'm puzzling over how to fit our next little bundle of joy (due this fall!) into our already-bursting little home. As I move furniture from room to room, I can't help but pick up a handmade thing or two from my favorite makers for the new nursery. 

1. Petit Giggles and Owl & Drum

I've long admired my friend Baby Harriet's matching crib sheet and Boppy cover, custom made by Lauren Zavala of Petit Giggles from fabric carried at my favorite local fabric store, Owl & Drum. As I began gathering bits and pieces for the latest addition to our nest, I knew I would add a set of my own. Since I'm working on a rustic, prairie modern feel for the room—complete with a walnut crib my husband and my grandfather built together, hand-drawings of wildlife by baby's great-grandma, my father's childhood Cub Scout accoutrement, and an image of my grandparents as high-school sweethearts on a stroll through some woods near our home—I decided on the fabric up top.  

2. Stained Glass by James Rogers King

These stained-glass air-plant hangers are so gorgeous, I ordered three—one in green, one in teal, and a smaller diamond-shaped one in marigold. I made simple macrame loops for them in different lengths so they'd hang from the curtain rod in the window in baby's room, which looks out into a huge magnolia that is coming into full bloom. This scene is the first thing I want to see when I come home. But of course.   

3. Cross Stitch by Samantha Smith

I love Samantha Smith's take on a craft that often gets a bad wrap. Her geometric designs in small bites and bright, playful colors remind me of that look on my husband's face when he talks about math—it's electric, and my knees go to jelly. So, I sent Samantha the Pinterest board I created to guide me as I assemble Baby's room, and she's working on a trio for us in colors inspired by the board. I can't wait to pick them up at 108 Contemporary this week.  

Enthralled with someone's work? Intrigued by a maker's inventive approach? Please know that you are part of the conversation here and that you are always welcome to send leads my way. And if you're on Instagram, follow the hashtag #finenestingfinds.