HSFN Original Patterns

Feast your eyes. Each of these original HSFN patterns was created to complement your favorite spaces, warm your heart, and busy your fingers.

macrame hanging planter tutorial pattern.JPG

HSFN DIY Macramé Hanging Planter Kit

All-natural materials, a photo-heavy instruction booklet, reusable and eco-friendly packaging. The HSFN DIY Macramé Hanging Planter Kit is a beautiful way for the novice macramé artist to begin a fiber journey. 


HSFN Sweater Blanket. 

This knitted blanket, which also answers to “oversized throw,” is as stylish as it is warm, kind of like your best friend. This knitting project would be perfect for the beginning knitter who is just as eager to learn a new cast-on method as s/he is stylish.


HSFN Campfire Blanket

The stitch pattern on this chunky knitted blanket allows for both warmth and breathability, making it the ideal throw for fall and spring. Looks just as good in campfire light as it does in the Friday Night Lights (or at the tailgate party). 


Quick Knit Chunky Bunny Lovie

If this sweater-wearing chunky knit bunny could be anywhere, anywhere in the world, it would want to be in your holiday knitting basket. A perfect project for knitters with a basic skill set, not a lot of time, and a lot of love. 


Knit Bunny Ears Wood Teether Toy

With just a few simple knitting techniques, a little bit of yarn (less than 200 yards—perfect for your handspinning projects and yarn scraps), and less than an hour, you can have a fuzzy friend worthy of you and your favorite little bunny. 


Macramé Bunting

This macrame bunting thinks your party will be great, just great—but wouldn't it be even better with some macrame bunting? In neutral white, this bunting is ideal for weddings, birthday parties, as a backdrop for photo booths, for a bohemian touch at an outdoor dinner party, or as party decor that you accidentally sort of on purpose never take down. 


Macramé Plant Hanger Wall

With the help of this digital pattern with color photos and diagrams, you can create a macrame hanging planter wall worthy of your best, most handsome plants. Even your succulents and air plants won't be able to resist your handiwork. 


Macramé Owl Wall Hanging

This macrame owl is a contemporary take on the ones you remember on the walls of your youth. With cleaner, simpler lines and brighter materials, this "feathered" friend plays well with your other bohemian- and vintage-style pieces. 


Large Macramé Owl Wall Hanging

This lashy-eyed macrame owl is a contemporary take on the ones you remember seeing on the walls of the stylish in the 1970s and 80s. He also plays safe and peaceful alongside true-blue vintage macrame owls (we tested in a controlled environment, just to be sure.) 

2015-11-24 16.14.47.jpg

Macramé Hanging Planter Pouch

We can’t all be stay-at-home plant parents. For those of us who have to leave your leafy lovies from time to time, this macramé plant pouch hanging planter is like the nanny we ourselves always wanted.